Assortment Trays

Automotive Assortment Trays

Disco Automotive Hardware is one of the leading tray manufactures in the USA.

Tray Configurations

We have large trays in a 24-hole solid configuration and also a 32-hole adjustable configuration. This tray size is 18 1/4″ W x 12 1/4″ D x 3 1/8″ H. This size of tray will also fit into a standard slide rack. We also supply slide racks if any of your clients are just getting started or simply looking to organize their shop.

On our smaller clear boxes that we manufacture have 6, 10, 12, 18 configurations. These have built-in tabs that snap out of the way or can be used to hang on pegs for display, vertical or horizontal.

Assortment Tray Colors

We have different colors to choose from and clear lids to insert a lid label with your product information if you would like. We can manufacture any color to fit all of your clients’ needs.

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