Starter Kit


Top 200 – #8050

Introducing the 8050 Disco Starter Kit. A great system for PBE or Warehouse Suppliers.

What you will receive is the Top 200 most popular body shop items. Ready to sell in packaged bags with photos and description on each bag.

This will contain most popular 100 items 5 bags each. Next, most popular 50 items 3 bags each. Following, most popular 50 items 2 bags each.

We also supply 200 bin boxes with photos, quantity, and description for you. Bin boxes will be shipped to you in numerical order.

Also will include, wall charts, catalogs, pricing, and planographs on how to setup and lots more.

No guessing on what to order and how to stock. The #8050 starter system comes with everything you need to get selling A.S.A.P.